Wilmette Massage Center

20th year of serving our community

Whether your goal is to reduce pain, to unwind, or simply to treat yourself - you've come to the right place.

The effects of massage can be profound and our therapists have what it takes to help you achieve your goals.


This is a great way to make massage sessions more affordable for the times when you are not able to take advantage of our frequency discounts.

Here is how the packages work: The $ amount that you save per session equals the number of sessions in your package.

You may choose any number up to 16.   Sessions of 50 minutes or longer, please.


Number of sessions = Discount per session

6 sessions = $ 6 off regular rate

10 sessions = $10 off regular rate

12 sessions = $ 12 off regular rate

16 sessions = $ 16 off regular rate


Any member of your household may use your package. 

Get discounted rates regardless of how often you receive a massage.

There is no expiration date. 

Online scheduling